Why Aren’t You Doing This Already? Catalogue Your Wardrobe.



fashionRaise your hand for each statement that applies to you:

1. “I have nothing to wear!” is your closet party anthem.

2. You have clothing items that remain in your closet, but you haven’t worn in YEARS.

3. You have resorted to buying the pre-picked outfit “off the mannequin.”

4. You wear the same pair of pants, skirt or dress more than once a week, you repeat.

5. Seriously, you just DO NOT have time to spend on your wardrobe in the morning.

If you have raised your hand to any of these, STOP THE MADNESS, SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY and CATALOGUE YOUR WARDROBE!

Cataloguing your wardrobe is about being THRIFTY. Doing this has saved me time, money and headaches. I have completely gained a fresh perspective on my wardrobe and realized that  I HAVE ALWAYS HAD SOMETHING TO WEAR, I was just being closed minded and uncreative. I resurrected a skirt that I bought 7 years ago and hadn’t worn for the last five…it is now a staple item.

Let’s get started…

1. Pick out at CENTERPIECE  item and pull up pinterest.

What’s a centerpiece you ask? It is a piece of clothing, BOTTOMS preferably, that you will create 5-10 outfits around. For example, a plaid midi skirt. Why the pinterest board you ask?  For inspiration. In the pinterest search box, type in your centerpiece description – see pic below.


2. Raid your closet and drawers.

Using your centerpiece and pinterest inspiration start trying on tops – small tops, large tops, every kind of color tops, you never know what’s gonna look gloriously fantastic! While your at it, start testing out different pairs of shoes to go with each outfit.  Next jewelry. You get the point. When your creative juices get flowing (they will), you add in a glass of wine maybe, throw on a little old school Madonna or Arcade Fire, Katy Perry, whatever floats your boat…THIS SHOULD BE FUN, if not keep going for the sake of how much easier your life will be.


3. Get out a notepad

Write down your Centerpiece as a heading, under it write down the “IT” outfits – first the shirt, then accessories then shoes. See image below.


4. Keep going.

Repeat the process for as many centerpieces you want, the more variety the better! You will have ready-to-go outfits for days.

Catalogue Your Wardrobe www.yesterdaysuede.com



Wake up the next morning and don’t go to your closet first, go to your catalogue. Scroll down the list, and according to your mood (sexy, sophisticated, zen, powerful, fun) select your already planned outfit.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “THIS IS GOING TO TAKE FOREVER LADY!” Yes, but probably less time than you spend in a week standing in your closet looking for something to wear!


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