Maternity Photos


I absolutely loved taking my maternity photos. Its rare to have a human growing inside your body, so when you do, it should be documented. Some people choose an outfit, location, theme and be done with it.  I was kind of particular…as in I was a complete control freak about the whole thing. I wanted different looks, different locations, different depictions of how I felt as a burgeoning mother.  The photo shoot was eclectic and probably a pain in the arse for our photographer, but the end results were well worth it.

Maternity Photos

I chose this 1950’s-esque themed photo because after 33 yrs, I finally had a domestic bone.  During pregnancy, I was baking, crafting, cleaning, organizing…I felt very Donna Reed, and I enjoyed it.  I needed this side of me captured, I was afraid this was a maternal phase that would go away and become nothing but a memory (lucky me, this was the birth of the domestic me, the woman who now catalogues her wardrobe).

Maternity Photo

I embraced my pregnant body, swollen ankles and all.  I admit, it was hard to adjust to initially, but that changed when I began to feel our baby move inside of me.  This body of mine was doing something miraculous and it deserved praise, not criticism.  This new found appreciation for my body inspired this picture.

Wedding Photo

There is something indescribable about the connection you feel with your husband when you are creating a life together.  It’s like you share a secret, and this secret is bringing you even closer together.  Whatever that feeling is, this picture says it all.


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