Maternity Throwback: Helluva Good Time Maternity Pics


Fun Maternity PhotosThis is the first post in my new series “Maternity Throwback.” ¬†While I was pregnant (the babe is now 7 months), “OMG, I need to blog on this,” crossed my mind on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, when you have a bambino in the oven, a full time job, and a spirited 5yr old, you have the energy level of jello. All I wanted to do outside of gestating was indulge in guilt-free pregnancy carbs and watch The Voice. Long story short, this series will honor all of those “OMG, I need to blog on this,” moments I had while I was prego.

When I was pregnant with child numero uno, it was a no brainer on whether or not to get maternity pics (see that round here). This time, my thought on pics was “meh,” …until, we decided to take a short vacay in Colorado, then, it was like “hell yeah, maternity pics rule!” You see, Colorado has two things that changed my mind on the matter, mountains and Marianne Brown – a badass photographer. With those two elements I knew I wouldn’t be stuck with cliche, “meh” photos – like two hands cusped in the shape of a heart over my belly (my apologies to all of you lovers of heart shaped hands on belly) or me wrapped in a white sheet standing in a river trying to feel elegant and sexy while growing a brain in my uterus.

I wanted my maternity photos to communicate fun, love, and a little bit of edge, and that is precisely what Marianne delivered. In hindsight, I can’t believe I almost decided to forego the pics. Growing a human is a miracle, a common one, but still a miracle. Capturing the spirit and essence of who you are during this precious time is priceless.


(Photo Locations: Adorable apartment in Cheesmen Park, Denver and the foothills of Chautauqua Mountain in Boulder)


Maternity Pics
Maternity Photos IMG_4986 (1)

Maternity Photosmaternity photosMaternity Photos

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